Mystic Seasonings

Organic Chef Made Spice Blends to help you create your own Mystic Meals! Spice up your future and taste the pure Magick Flavors of Mystic Seasonings!

Sazon, Adobo, and Jerk Spice Blends!

An ode to my hometown of The Bronx and my Puerto Rican, Colombian, and Afro Caribbean roots! This trio brings ALL the flavor that you savor to make your Latino and Jamaican inspired dishes sing!

Sicilian Magick, Magick Bayou, and Citrus Herb Spice Blends!

A tribute to some of my favorite flavors to cook with, each one of these blends is inspired by elevating Italian, Cajun, and Lemon Pepper Seasoning to another stratosphere in ways that will be a game changer in your cooking!

Taco Night, Curry in a Hurry, and Mystic Shawarma Spice Blends!

Taco Night is here to bring you all the crunchy taco out of the box vibes,, along side two salt free exotic blends! The C.I.A.H. has Yellow Indian & Thai Red Curries and the Shawarma gives you all of that Middle Eastern flavor!

The Magick Bayou Seasoning has such a bold flavor and not as spicy as some people might think! Flavor first in this jar, then FIRE!

Glenda C. Murphy,Texas

Personally, the Adobo has been my favorite! I use it on anything and everything. Adds such a nice depth of flavor!

Chef Justin C. Los Angeles, Ca

The Jamaican Jerk seasoning is fantastic! Spicy in all the right ways with the perfect blend of aromatic spices! Best Jerk Chicken I've ever made!

Matt. S. The Bronx, NYC